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All of my available stickers are currently uploaded to the site ! They continue to be one of my hottest sellers so go on and treat yourself!

The code BUY3GET1 nabs you a free sticker for every 3 that you buy. They are vinyl and durable and seem to withstand the force of a waterbottle going through a dishwasher soo.. yeah.

In local news !

If you are in the Denver area or within spitting distance of the Denver area, you will find me out and about this weekend ! I will be set up alongside my awesome arty brother at River Bar 3759 Chestnut st (across from the blue moon brewery) selling art and stickers for their first Friday opening of the show "Untitled"

On Saturday I will be set up at 1565 N. RALEIGH St. for the Sloans Lake Saturday Night Bazaar !!! Shop and sip dranks amongst a throng of vendors and come on down and see us !!!!

Art markets are fun !

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